Control ipad from mac jailbreak

Almost like a live version of AutoTouch.

I am not sure how well it works or if you can use it for free. Not sure though if it can control your iPad using an iPhone. Its called TeamViewer and can be found on the app store. I use it to help my parents out with their phones and computers. Right, I'm just saying that stock TeamViewer and the other apps in the app store don't allow remote access; they're limited to screen sharing.

It requires root access: This isn't what OP is asking for, they're looking to control an iPad from another device, this only allows you to share the screen.

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  • How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
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No, you can literally control the device from another device. Thats the whole point of the app. If this is the case then Apple can go screw itself. Always limiting everything. Actually yes one can.

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Windows remote desktop. Trust me when I say this as I used to use TV as well but RD is sooooo much faster thanks to it being baked into windows. For out-of-house all you need to do is open port iirc in your router and if your ISP likes you change your remote up it doesn't hurt getting a free ddns at no-ip.

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Control iPad - without Jailbreak

Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! This can be circumvented for most apps with a tweak. The most notable change to your iOS device will be that, after jailbreaking, you will have a new application installed called Cydia. In short, Cydia is the App Store of jailbreak applications.

How to Jailbreak

Just like the App Store, you can browse Cydia for new additions to your device, read about them, get or purchase them, then download and install them. Most apps and tweaks in Cydia are free, but it is not unusual for a more complex jailbreak offering to cost a few dollars. If your iOS device is jailbroken and you decide to update it to the latest version of iOS, you will lose the jailbreak.

As the latest version of iOS does not normally have a jailbreak available, this normally means having to wait for a new tool to jailbreak the newer firmware. This might not be a big problem for most people, who are happy to lose their jailbreak in exchange for newer stock features, but it is avoided by those who rely on a lot of jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Serious jailbreakers tend not to update their devices so that they can keep their jailbreaks, and only update after a tool for a newer iOS firmware is released. Each iOS update patches any jailbreak which worked for previous ones, and hackers have to start again to make a tool. If a new iOS version and accompanying jailbreak are released, the preferred method is to backup your device first, fully restore and update your device to the required iOS version, then jailbreak again using the released tool.

There are 4 types of jailbreak: Nearly all recent jailbreaks have been semi-untethered , which means that after every reboot you must re-run the jailbreak app on your device. This reactivates your jailbreak to let you use your tweaks. Your device will work normally as a stock un-jailbroken device until you do this. An untethered jailbreak is persistent, meaning you can reboot your device without having to re-jailbreak each time.

Read this article to learn more about the differences between these kinds of jailbreak.

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We do not condone, troubleshoot, nor give support on issues relating to piracy. These days, jailbreaking is very easy. You usually download the jailbreak app and put it onto your device using a tool such as Xcode or Cydia Impactor. From there, you launch the app and press Jailbreak. Older jailbreaks tended to involve a program run on your computer instead, with your device connected via USB. You will find useful tutorials on how to jailbreak at the bottom of this page, and our Can I Jailbreak?

They will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. For this reason, they are constantly being updated and replaced. You would use one tool to jailbreak iOS 7. Occasionally there are multiple tools for the same firmware, or for older jailbreaks Mac and Windows versions of the same jailbreak so that everyone can use jailbreak their iOS devices, regardless of what computer they own.

You should never pay for a jailbreak. The hackers that develop jailbreaks do it for free. They sometimes accept donations, so if you appreciate the work that has gone into giving you your jailbreak then feel free to give something. Always download jailbreak tools directly from the real developer.

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  7. We recommend checking our site, which will always provide the genuine and original sources for these tools. Navigate to your iOS version to find locate your jailbreak tool, and find a guide to using it. If you can, downgrade to iOS

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