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What Products Are Missing from the Microsoft Office Mac Suite?

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Save a file in Office for Mac - Office Support

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How to open, edit and share any .docx file on your Mac

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What can I do with Power Query for Excel on Mac?

Recovering Deleted Files from System. Need to know the best option for restoring files deleted from system?

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How to use excel on a mac

That engine is now able to run inside of Mac. The current integration is very limited on what you can do, but so much of the ground work is already in place. The current integration basically limits you to consumption only. You can get queries from other folks who create them in Windows Excel and you can refresh them inside of MacOS. My first intention was to figure out what M functions are already available inside of this integration. You can see the full list of available functions on Power Query in Excel for Mac from here.

Most of the functions are already in there. I then did a simple test refreshing a query that connected to a file on a local file inside my windows PC and it gave me an error, so I went into the connections window, change the file path to my local MacOS path and it worked. I created a query from that code and saved the file in my SharePoint so I could easily access the file from both my Mac mini and my Windows PC.

I do have an acceptable hardware in my own opinion.

What if I run this same test on the same hardware? I was advised to use Boot Camp to install Windows 10 and partition my hard drive so I could test the same query under the same hardware. I installed Windows 10 through Boot Camp, installed Office and then ran the query inside of my Windows inside my Mac mini and the average of that test was 17 seconds.

The fastest time was around seconds:.

How to open a CSV-file in Excel (PC/MAC)

This is still a big difference! Power Query in Excel for Mac is still at least 3x faster than on Windows. I have no clue.

excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac
excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac
excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac
excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac
excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac
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excel files on desktop mac Excel files on desktop mac

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