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I'm going to need that 2nd drive in my mini!

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And the second empty 2. Yes, I get it, it's the "server edition", which "doesn't need fancy graphics", but come on, Apple Assuming that my assumptions are correct - and I genuinely hope that I am wrong - the question becomes as to where, o where, can we obtain one of those proprietary?

How To: Replace a Hard Drive in a Mac Mini (Core Duo)

Sorry for my long post We must tackle this issue together because if we fail to do so, the tyrants will have won! Hello, is it possible to indicate the website and the reference of cable to buy to install an SSD Vortex for example? Thank you. Derique Hanche.

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Crunch - i installed an OWC 6g ssd in my mac mini server and it flies. BY the way, the mid Mac mini will hold, use and acknowledge 16GB of ram. Yeah, I'm running 10GB right now and I'm waiting for another chip. Has anyone kept the OS drive and just replaced the extra GB hard drive in the i7 quad mac mini? They have 2 gb drives and I want to replace the non OS one and use all of my photo processing apps in the SSD for faster processing. I'm looking forward to the online recovery for Lion.

I'm getting an OCZ Agility 3 2. The drive does not work with the Mini. Sometimes it didn't recognize the drive and couldn't partition it. I swapped the with a Samsung from an older Mini running Snow Leopard.

Both drives work fine in their respective machines now so I suspect its a problem between the firmware and Lion. For the record, if you install Snow Leopard with the Combo The trick is to do the installation on an older machine that supports whatever We back Mac Minis down to Nor does the Disk Utility see it. I think I am going to give our Korean friends a middle finger and stop buying from manufacturers not supporting the OSX system.

So i have a question to add, as i am receiving my first Mac I7 server model , ram and SSD in the next few days. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

Replace HDD with SSD, will any SSD work (Mac Mini mid 2011)?

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Use your thumbs to slide the hard drive toward the speaker, disconnecting it from the interconnect board. During reinstallation, it may be helpful to move the cables away from the SATA connector and to hold the internal frame upside down while supporting the hard drive to help seat it in its connector. If you are installing a new hard drive, we have an OS X install guide to get you up and running.

I did not complete this guide. The foam on the harddrive is attached with an adhesive tape - be careful to peel up the tape from the harddrive, rather than the foam from the tape. I seemed to succeed - until I discovered my optical drive had broken. Disks do not mount, after some tries they eject. A cleaning DVD and compressed gas didn't fix it. I wonder if it would be wise to seal the opening to the optical drive -- certainly before cleaning.

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The solution: There are three sets of wires, include the speaker pair. I reversed the positioning of these with respect to the SSD, i. I turned it back on, and no more high frequency whining whenever the drive is active. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

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Apple Mac mini (Mid 2007)

Introduction Upgrade your hard drive for more storage capacity. Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Video Overview. Step 1 Top Housing. One comment. Add Comment. Step 2. After roaming around the web reading general guidance, technical specifications and reviews I plumped for SanDiskwith these being the two front-runners From what I can make out - and this is no thanks to the SanDisk web site - the second contains a Sandforce SATA-2 Controller whilst the one in the first is unknown.

OWC SSD Upgrade Kits For Mac mini -

However, I'm not sure if the better random ones do - i. I might just toss a coin in the morning. Jan 21, 1: SanDisk Support - who I dropped a line to before bedtime - said, this morning, there was nothing in it. So, that tenner I'll save will be spent here on Friday night. This makes good reading if you're a geek. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: More Less.

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