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Feeling a lot better about using this, considering that everything is going through Microsoft…. Very handy! If I understand correctly, the browser is actually running on a Microsoft server somewhere. I bet there re plenty of people in addition to me not as well-informed or quick-witted as you. Thanks for stating the obvious for someone trying to decide what to do and I had not deduced the obvious yet. A Mac newbie here. Take care. Working for me now. Took a bit of effort, but I can now run IE11 using on my Mac using the approach described.

It works just fine. Awesome post. But I have latest trick to use Internet explorer on mac, we just have to download a app named as winebottler on our mac.

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Thats all…… thank you No way, I took the pain to make all the process in order to have IE access. This thing just gives you access to MS office. Work done or nothing. Thanks MS. No it does not, neither Internet Explorer 11 nor Microsoft Edge nor Microsoft does not require your credit card for identification. The download is free with a Microsoft account, there is nothing required aside from email. I subscribed through Modern. There are several useless options such as Paint and Visio, but no IE. Good idea; poor execution. I have followed the instructions very carefully two times and still am not getting access to IE.

After I did the Modern. Is anyone else having this same problem? Any ideas to get it working? I too am having trouble. Seems I need to pay for an account? No you do not need to pay for an account, this is a free service from Microsoft. Only microsoft office stuff an visio….

Does not work. Internet Explorer is not an option in the drop down menu. No way to execute the. Works for me, flawlessly. In fact, IE11 works for everyone but you, that means user error on your part.

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  5. If you do follow the instructions, it works. Understanding that it is a couple of weeks later, but I followed the instructions to the letter, and Internet Explorer is just NOT one of the options.

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    7. Specifically one I use at work. Tried this. When I got to the IE site it reverts to the Edge browser. No other options are available. I need this for a close based service I use at work that only work with IE :. I have the same problem. Why would you want to use IE at all? There is no IE for Mac version anyways. One use for IE on a Mac is testing for web developers. I use the app from the App Store just fine. Given the reasons are in the second sentence!

      Good tip. However for me even though it said it was IE 11, I believe it was actually the new Edge browser. We have site that requires at least IE When I tried to use the site, it thought I was running Chrome Forgive me but…Why should I want to use such thing on a Mac?? IE is useful for web developers and web designers, and sometimes IE is needed to access specific web services or websites. VERY annoying. And usually an old version of IE at that! Internet explorer for the win!

      Internet Explorer category page Microsoft Download Center

      I wonder when Microsoft Edge will have remote access to download on Mac like this? What are those good options? Every option is better then IE. Even Safari.

      How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X with IE Tech Preview

      But even in that state it is way more powerful than all other browsers combined. There are some stock trading platforms that use Silverlight for live streaming prices. The only browser that supports Silverlight is now IE browsers. Some of us need the option to have access to this Windows browser. End of story. Privately maybe not, but if you work at a company and want to access some internal sites, then you may be required to use IE for certain sites.

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      What about for software testers and QA teams that need to test their web-based software for all platforms, considering all their customers might not be using Apple products. If you are working in a corporate environment, or you are doing online investments i. Security risks associated with running IE on your Mac via the Azure platform is negligible at best. Simple, because in order to access certain sites you need. I created a new Microsoft account against my better judgement and when I went to sign in to the account it kept saying that my password was incorrect.

      Internet explorer for MAC full download

      The one I had just signed up for! Why does anyone use this junk? I use Safari, because it integrates to all of the Apple ecosystem. Anyone want to provide a easy understanding? Michael S, did you skip directly to the comments? I have to access certain websites that lose functionality in Safari and only work with IE. Even in , this still happens. So for me, this is a great work around.

      How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X the Easy Way

      Same here. Bummer, indeed. I followed instructions and it worked for me perfectly, I am running the browser right now on the Mac. Same issue! You can find it in the Mac application store here. To make your life easier, a lot of online cross-browser testing tools are available. These amazing platforms are a real lifesaver. LambdaTest , for instance, lets you perform real-time testing of your webpage or application to make sure that it works well irrespective of the platform being used by the user. If you cannot access a particular browser, like Mac users cannot access IE, tools like LambdaTest come in handy.

      It provides you with auto-generated full-page screenshots of your web application using the screenshot feature and lets you test the responsiveness of your website across as many as 44 devices! VirtualBox, developed by Oracle, is a free-to-use tool that allows you to run a variety of operating systems.

      It sets up a virtual environment on your device and supports the applications or programs which are not compatible with the platform as such. Download the VirtualBox software along with its extension pack and install the software. You need to immediately close it after running it.

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