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Everytime I try it just reroutes me to advertisements for purchasing a mac or something. He's the only one I know who has a mac, lol, but I am starting to think all these installers I've been downloading are not correct in some way, tried Yosemite, El Capitan, and just tried Maverick, and each one when attempting to boot through them ends up ion the white circle cross sign.

Download it from app store without and interruptions on the WiFi network and then use that file and try installing. Dec 29, 6, 6 40, 1, It seemed to be unable to perform internet recovery, so I was never able to attempt it.

How to Make a MacOS Mojave Installer USB Boot Drive

I was going to now try formatting the drive to attempt from scratch, but my USBs all continue to load into a prohibitory sign, so perhaps my downloads are all corrupt and should get an official one like the user above had stated. I attempted to create a drive for a copy of sierra which I downloaded, and this one won't even be seen on boot. Edit: nvm screwed up on a couple of the installers. Got El Capitan to get almost finished, but prohibitory sign still came up.

Resolve boot issues showing 'prohibitory' sign

Trying to find a friend who has a working mac. Atm making a Sierra Bootable Drive using Transmac Edit: Looks like the Sierra I had downloaded, and attempted to set up aty bootable with transmac is not fully functional as not even Transmac is able to view the files contained in it. Aight I'll try, soon as I find a friend who has a mac lol, may also try to install mac onto one of my other PCs using hackintosh was it?

I just tried using my Geeksquad MacOS Sierra installer, and it just immediately goes to prohibitory sign.

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If you see a circle with a slash symbol instead of the Apple logo, it means your Mac couldn't find a valid System Folder to start up from. Try these steps: 1. Turn on or restart your Mac. Immediately press and hold the Option key.

iMac with Fusion Drive circle slash on boot | Technibble Forums

After a few seconds, the Startup Manager appears. If you don't see the volume you want to use, wait a few moments for Startup Manager to finish scanning connected drives. Use your mouse or trackpad, or left and right arrow keys to select the volume you want to use.

Double-click or press the Return key to start up your Mac from the volume you selected. Good Luck. Yea I do all that, it's after choosing the Volume in this case my flash drive, and attempts to boot from it is when it gives the circle with slash sign. I was even able to install windows 7 on this damn Mac, why must apple be so crazy? This would never had been a problem if Yosemite was still available on the app store, but nooooo, they want to decommission old Macs in order to force users to purchase new ones.

Late 2016 TouchBar Macbook Pros Imaging from USB 3.0 with apple usb-c adapter

I'm starting to get real angry at this dang thing, srry. Check for any of your friend who is running Yosemite. The circle with the slash OSX Yosemite bootable usb drive circle slash This could solve the 'slashed circle' which could be 'Waiting for root device'. About the screens your Mac displays as it starts up SOLVED: circle with a slash thru it - MacBook - iFixit on starting it up it has an apple logo then turns to a circle with a slash thru it like a no symbol.

My MAc is not rebooting I get a circle slash with the Mac OS X has several bootup symbols, including a universal "prohibitory" sign that indicates critical files are missing from the boot volume. There are a couple of bootup warning signs that may occur with the Mac OS, the most common of which is the folder with the blinking question mark, which means a valid start-up disk has not yet been found.

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Another error that may occur is the universal "prohibitory" sign. This symbol at boot means the system has found a bootable installation of Mac OS X on the system, but there is something wrong with it. Either settings between the software and computer hardware are not in agreement, or there is a missing critical component to the OS X installation.

Clearing the PRAM

The people who are most prone to this error are those who use multiple bootable installations of OS X. When booted in one, you have full access to the file system of the OS X installation, which may lead to inadvertent modification of important files many of which are usually hidden from view. Depending on the specific problem, you may be able to help the issue; however, if the system files have been modified, you will probably have to reinstall your system.

Hold the Options-Command-P-R keys immediately after pressing the power button and the system will continually reset and make the boot chimes while they are held down.

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