Stream mac dvd player to ipad

Part 2: The Best DVD Player to Play DVD Discs/Folders/ISO files

Air Playit just does this for you. Air Playit works with a server and a client app to remotely access the DVD movie and constantly deliver and receive the streaming via WiFi, 3G or 4G network.

How to rip your DVD collection | iMore

Firstly, you should backup the DVD movie to the hard drive of your computer. For Windows users, the freeware WinX DVD Ripper is a nice solution that not only helps you remove copy protections from your DVD discs but also retains the best possible output quality. And it requires only few steps to get the DVD movie backup click to see user guide. Step one: Launch Air Playit server and add the video folder. Handbrake doesn't seem to work on my newest Mac. Ripit is super easy and much easier than the old way I'll describe for uyse with the free Handbrake program:.

Apple USB Superdrive Reviewed!

Download and install a free program called VLC Player. This is a program that plays DVDs, as well as a zillion other kinds of files people might send you. Download and install a free program called Handbrake. Handbrake and VLC come in bit and bit versions, be sure to load the same version of each if you are asked.

As I understand it, VLC is the player that plays the DVDs, and then Handbrake is the recorder that formats that into something you can store on your computer. Open the Handbrake program on your computer.


As Handbrake opens, a file selection box appears. If it doesn't appear automatically, click the top left Source button to select the source from which to record.

Handbrake will glance over the disc for about a minute, during which it can't do anything. It will say something like: "Source: Scanning title 12 of Handbrake will take about a half hour to record the DVD into your computer.

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It tells you the time left as ETA along the bottom, just above the progress bar. When done, you'll get a message that Handbrake is done. You've recorded your disc to your computer. Got more DVDs? Repeat from step 3 if you like Click "Source" to select the new DVD , or read on to be sure you've got this working correctly.

I have no problem working on my Mac and recording DVDs at the same time; I can input a couple of dozen a day, which is all I've shot so far. Quit Handbrake if that's your last DVD to record. Some movies will be as little as MB, and others may come out as 2GB or more; it all depends on how much detail and motion is in the movie.

Movies shot on camcorders tend to have everything in focus and are shot at 60 field-per-second video rates, so they make big files. Movies shot on DSLRs or 35mm film have much less in focus, and usually run at 24 or If you must twiddle with settings, for my content generated as feild interlaced video, I prefer to hit Picture Settings on the top bar, select Filters in the black box that opens, move the slider from Decomb to to Deinterlace, and select Slower. Removing interlace artifacts from video-sourced DVDs also reduces their encoded file size, since it removes jaggy-edge interlace motion artifacts.

If you do chose to set the deinterlace filter, thankfully it resets back to its Decomb default for the next copy. Be sure to set it each time if you're recording from video-based DVDs. If you shoot your DVDs in , it will fit the iPad's screen perfectly.

If you shoot in , 1. Select your preferred destination location for your recorded file under Destination if you like. Once set, it will record the rest of your DVDs there. Find the file that was just recorded on your computer, and drag and drop it on the iTunes icon.

Superbasic: How do I watch my ripped DVDs on Apple TV

You may have your iTunes set differently, but iTunes usually copies this file into its own location, so you may delete the original file from the location to which Handbrake recorded it. This, and all the other DVDs you record on your computer, appear when you click "Movies" near the top your left-side iTunes Library bar. See Secrets of iTunes or ask at the Apple Store if you need help; you probably set this back when you bought your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

When you connect your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer, click on its icon on the left side of iTunes. This means that you probably won't be able to copy your entire DVD library to your device at once, and you will have to select which movies you want at any one time. Check "Automatically include all" if your device has enough memory look along the bottom for a bar graph , or don't check it and select below which movies you want recorded into your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch.

Click "Sync" at the bottom, and the movies will copy into your device.

How to Play DVD Content on iPad? - You Can Use 5KPlayer

It will take a few minutes for each movie. You may select different movies or each of your devices at the "Movies" tab along the top.

To change the movies on your device, connect your device, change the selections under the Movies tab, and hit Sync again. Much better than if your iPad , iPhone or iPod Touch actually did have a DVD slot, it just starts playing instantly without needing to click any menus. To record more DVDs, start at step 3. Click the upper-left "Source" to select the new DVD.

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