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Magic Bullet Suite

Magic Bullet Suite 13 offers real-time color correction as well as finishing and film looks. Please click on the Specifications tab for more detailed info. Apply color correction right on your timeline. Add lens filters and film stocks. Add numerous customizable presets based on popular movies and TV shows. Balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles, and remove skin blemishes. Clean up video noise while preserving the details in your shot. And at the very end, add some subtle texture and a natural film grain. And all this right from your editor.

Find many new features across the collection, including more presets, more tools, a universal strength slider, resizing scopes, LUTs, RGB point curves, and much more. This academic version is valid for all high-school and college students and faculty.

Free Magic Bullet Looks | Download Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks Full Version

Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks redefines how you design with color. Find inspiration for your video or film with powerful new controls like Colorista grading, Cosmo skin correction and smart scope analysis. Choose from a huge library of professionally designed presets that range from practical lighting scenarios to stylized Hollywood treatments.

Looks brings high end color finishing to a project of any budget. Your download provides you with the latest version of Magic Bullet Looks. Colorista gives you a simple three-way color corrector, but does much more than that. HSL hue, saturation, and luminance wheels help you fine-tune to get the exact color and tone you want, while a keyer enables you isolate and adjust a specific color or color range without affecting the rest. New for version III, shadows and highlights can be adjusted by region. Of note for Creative Suite and Creative Cloud users, Colorista links with After Effects' integrated masking and tracking tools, enabling the application of secondary corrections to a moving target.

Magic Bullet Looks

Your download provides you with the latest version of Colorista. Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser III has been rewritten from scratch to provide faster and more effective noise and grain reduction without removing detail. Denoiser III offers noise reduction in one step using default settings, and features five simple sliders for fine-tuning the settings if you want to, although Red Giant claims that you probably won't even need to.

Red Giant's Magic Bullet Mojo 2. With OpenGL support, the Magic Bullet Mojo provides significant performance gains and provides a simple way to create distinctive looking movies.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.11 cracked (WIN-MAC) FULL

Allowing easy customizable controls, the Magic Bullet Mojo 2. Integrating fewer controls on a simple-to-use user interface, the Mojo features shadow tint which defines the complementary shadow color making your talent stand out amidst a variety of backgrounds. Also included is a warm-cool slider that lets you control the overall color temperature, while bleach control allows you to either de-saturate or super-saturate every color in the scene.

Featuring fine-tuning of skin tones within the overall Mojo effect using 3 skin controls, the Magic Bullet Mojo allows you to nudge the skin tones eliminating unwanted color casts. With skin squeeze, you can flatten the range of skin tones, while using skin solo you can de-saturate all colors in the scene except skin tones making subjects stand out against the background and minimizing ruddiness.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Cosmo 2. It provides fast, simple cosmetic cleanup for your subjects. Cosmo 2.

The new Skin Sample tool helps you target the exact skin tone for precision cosmetic cleanup while accompanying skin color controls let you keep skin looking natural and consistent. A new Eye Dropper tool lets you simply point and select your subject's skin within your shot. And Selection controls allow you to see and control the skin selection so that you can be sure you're editing your subject and not your background. What's special about Magic Bullet Renoiser is that instead of simply applying a layer of grain on top, it uses a GPU-accelerated grain engine to actually rebuild your image out of virtual grain.

This results in a more genuine look. Moreover, Renoiser is customizable, allowing you to adjust the grain amount, size, and tonal response, with options for color or monochrome grain. Furthermore, Renoiser features a sharpening algorithm that adapts to your footage and sharpens only important details. It avoids overcorrecting elements such as text or graphics. The combination of Renoiser's grain and sharpening features also serves to better maintain the quality of your image when it's compressed by venues like YouTube or Vimeo.

Even if you've already done some work to your video, like create CGI compositions, you can still add texture and grain and transform the look and feel of the image. Magic Bullet Renoiser is a plug-in that works in various host applications on Mac and Windows. Red Giant's Magic Bullet Film will allow you to successfully enhance your digital footage with various film looks. It does this by emulating the entire photochemical process, from the original film negative, to color-grading, to the print stock.

It provides you with 22 negative stocks and 4 print stocks, giving you 88 possible cinematic combinations.


Everything is based on real film and the real color grading experience of an industry expert. Home xeaazszdvawb. Electronic Download Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Review 1 xeaazszdvawb. Academic Academic xeaazszdvawb Standard Electronic Download.

Electronic Download. Add to Cart. View Cart xeaazszdvawb. Email Print. Magic Bullet Looks Download. Creative Playground for Every Artist Looks fits every artist, from the beginning designer who is inspired by the presets, to the hard core colorist who builds looks from scratch. Use Looks to add warmth to a wedding video shot on a cloudy day or design a palette for the next Sundance original. Helpful tools have been added from the Magic Bullet family like cosmetic skin cleanup from Cosmo and the 3 Way color wheels from Colorista II. Link also checks the license status for your products, and displays any trial you may have.

Our Volume Program offers a floating license subscription model designed for organizations with multiple artists workstations and even distributed geographic facilities. Toggle navigation. Magic Bullet Looks.

See FAQs. How do I install my free trial? See Application Manager. See FAQs Do students and faculty get a discount if they decide to purchase after the free trial? See Academic Pricing Is there volume pricing for businesses and organizations? See Volume Program.

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