Mac os x wifi keeps dropping

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This problem is one of the hardest to detect because it has nothing to do with your computer or hardware. If you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex with other wireless networks around, you really need to understand that there could be interference on the 2.

Resolving Wi-Fi Issues in macOS High Sierra

Basically, it will show you all the networks around you, including your neighbors. Then it will tell you the channels that they are using. You can then go into your router and change your channel to something that is not interfering with the neighbors. I can attest to this because I have had this problem at my own house.

We used to live with no one around us, but when new neighbors moved it, all of a sudden I started having network connectivity problems. The connection would drop and I would have to restart my router often. Changing the channel fixed all of my issues.

Another big one was security settings on the router. The best way to figure out if this is causing problems is to simply turn off all security on your router and then restart your MacBook Pro and see if your connection keeps dropping or not. If the issue goes away, then you can try a few things. First, update the firmware on your router to the latest and try the security settings again.

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Sometimes the bug fixes in the newer releases will fix this issue. Though not as common, you may simply have a faulty wireless card on your Mac. Considering how many machines there are, some are bound to come with faulty hardware and you might just be the unlucky one to have one of those machines. The best thing to do if nothing else is working is to take it into an Apple retail store and ask the Genius bar to look at it.

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If you have to pay, then you can order the part on eBay and do it yourself. Some have had luck with deleting some of the preference files related to Airport and Networking. In case something has become corrupt, deleting these might fix the problem. I opened the network preference on Mac and ran the network diagnosis, it says my network is working fine. Then I close the network preference.

How to Fix a Mac with WiFi Problems and Dropping Connection - Make Tech Easier

And Viola, the network is now working just fine. It seems to me that some file or setting is corrupted in the network registry for some reason, and after running diagnosis, the OS overwrite and fix the corrupted file or setting until next time it is corrupted again. Hope that helps.

Finally I go to taking a look at your log. Your DNS server is having problems. Add Google DNS to it as 8. That will show you the Hosts file in the new window. Open that file and compare your results to this:. Please stop that Google Chrome He in your Activity monitor kill it. Do not use Google Chrome browser for a while to test without it. You still have DNS server problems. You should remove all DNS servers in the syst pref Networks, and only leave the 8.

I suggest to use the Namebench app that will evaluate and suggest the best fastest DNS server for your location. I used it and now my surfing is much faster. You should then run the Ping Google. The following will send a signal every 60 seconds to Google server. In terminal type ping -i 60 google. I just did it from California to Spain. Final comment: Apple has acknowledged that there is a problem with the discoveryd process, and has fixed it in the new beta release of the Yosemite Let hope for the best and wait for it to become public. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. WiFi keeps dropping requiring restart confirmed non-hardware issue Ask Question. The Problem I'll be connected to any given WiFi connection indicating this is not a router or channel problem and everything will work fine. This is easy, but you should always backup a Mac before installing any system software update.

Reset the NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

The bottom line: You can try disconnecting and then connecting directly to the hidden SSID router in Mac OS , but the connection may drop again or fail upon waking from sleep. One possible workaround is to make the SSID visible, this must be done on the wi-fi router itself and will vary per wireless access point, but if you have access to the wi-fi router it may be a solution. Some users report that macOS High Sierra drops their wi-fi connection when waking from sleep or when waking from a screen saver, or that macOS High Sierra is slow to re-join wi-fi after waking from sleep.

You may be able to resolve wi-fi dropping after a Mac wakes from sleep by following the steps outlined below to create a new wireless configuration. Sometimes simply toggling the wireless capability off and on again is sufficient to resolve an inability to rejoin a wi-fi network. Some users are also reportedly turning off wi-fi before they sleep their Mac, and then enabling it again once their Mac is awake.

Another possible workaround is to use caffeinate at the command line , or an app like Caffeine or KeepingYouAwake, or sleep corner, to temporarily prevent sleep while those functions are activated. This is obviously not much of a solution if you must sleep a Mac. Of course, workarounds are inconvenient and they are not true solutions. Back up your Mac before continuing, these steps involve removing system level configuration files. Do not proceed without a backup made so that you can roll back if something goes wrong. Essentially what this is doing is ditching your old wireless preferences and causing MacOS High Sierra to replace them by generating new wi-fi preferences.

For many users, this is sufficient to solve any problems with wifi networking. This sequence of trashing wi-fi preferences, generating new wireless preferences, and then, if need be, creating a new network location with custom DNS and MTU are a longstanding set of steps for resolving various wireless problems in many versions of Mac OS, including Sierra , El Capitan , and before.

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The focus clearly has shifted to the investors and shareholders. The board represents them and they are making the decsions.

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Updated to High Sierra and immediately I got wifiproblems. Attached a cable but it is extremely annoying to see that wifi drops each and every time and nothing helps no new config, trashing pref-files etc. In this time and age, unbelievable. I was unable to post on an Appleforum.

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