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For this reason, it has become customary to refer to the Windows installation on a Mac as Boot Camp. Apple's web site says you can install Windows XP on your Mac.

Windows XP on MAC with Snow Leopard using Bootcamp

I do not have an answer. SP2 was released in and SP3 can out in Although your question did not ask about installing a newer version of Windows, I will include my thoughts anyway. Generally, Microsoft does not require new drivers for each release of Windows. For example, when upgrading Windows, the newer version just adopts the drivers from the previous version. Also, Microsoft may offer new drivers though Windows Update.

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Windows 10 appears to have he ability to connect to the internet and download drivers during the installation process. This probably is not true. You have a 2. I am writing this answer on a iMac with a 2. The operating systems is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Apple is not entirely wrong. The Boot Camp Assistant will not let you install the newer Windows operating systems, but you don't have to use the Boot Camp Assistant. Again, the Boot Camp Assistant is just an assistant used to make windows easier to install.

It does not have to be used. I needed to run Windows XP because of one particular program which doesn't run on more modern versions of Windows. I have just discovered that the easiest and cheapest way of installing XP on a Mac is to download "VirtualBox" which is free and open-source, and use my XP installation disk which also has a valid product key. The procedure was extremely easy and I don't know of any advantage in buying products such as VMware or Parallels.

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Ask Question. Your start point is BootCamp 3 - I can't remember that far back whether the app itself is on the DVDs that came with the machine, but I have a feeling it was. This has to appear on the label in order to successfully install. This application is not Boot Camp.

It is just an Assistant. A word of warning. You may find it difficult to download any updates from Microsoft via Windows Update. You will probably have to search the Web for Service Pack 3, then download and manually install. I also would not allow it to connect to the Internet as you're just asking for trouble if you do unless you isolate it from any form of direct connectivity to OS X if you want to keep the OS X Host safe!

Since you can not use your current version of the Boot Camp Assistant, would you not be better off installing Windows 7 or Windows 10 on your Mac Mini? You could install Windows 10 Evaluation for free for 90 days to see if you like Windows 10 before buying.

My suspicion is that this is no longer supported in the latest releases of OSX. For me, the assistant only offers Windows 7 as an option. Sorry to sound so thick! I use the Mac as a tool and I'm not well informed on all this computer tech stuff. This is pretty much all new to me. Plug and play. Not much different than DU except it does smart updates, and you can exclude folders.

Making it easy to exclude large user folders for instance. Putting the user home account elsewhere is a nice idea been doing so since The target partition just needs to be large enough to hold the system seeing we are for now only interested in the system. And t he user account data folders can be manually copied to a backup drive or to their new home location.

No down time.

How Apple Boot Camp Works

Who said you need to install the whole system? I was t alking a small simple emergency maintenance system volume only which need only be about 24GB. Can slice out one of your internal drives. Reformatting with SL can be a good idea. SL does allow you to remove, add or resize partitions on the fly in Disk Utility. I reformat drives when t he OS changes, or when the structure of the partition tables is updated.

And I definitely retire t he system and data drives every so often 2 yrs for system and use them after zeroing as backups. Dec 2, 4: Thanks a lot Hatter, much appreciated. I suspect you underestimate the lack of expertise I have in this field - most of what you've said, terminology, abbreviations etc. But I'm working my way through the links you've provided and am learning if a bit slowly!

Dec 3, 6: Disk Utility can do a one time 'clone' Restore tab but lacks the features to do checksum and ignore folders or do smart updates in future. Dec 4, I'll have a good look at CCC. Not had time since I downloaded it. I can also put my iTunes music there too, to free up some space on the MacBook Pro.

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I want to say how much I appreciate your time and help with this The Hatter - thanks! From one of the links you provived - or perhaps from a link from one of them - I found that I should have got XP to format the volume with NFTS or some similar name Thanks for that Grant but to be honest I already knew what you said and was using Boot Camp in my previous attempt. I appreciate your attempt to help anyway. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

Mac OS X - "Disk Error" Installing WinXP in Boot Camp

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View answer in context. Always back up your storage device with Time Machine or Disk Utility before you start.

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